Why ReChoc


RESVERATROL is a polyphenol known mostly for its high level in red wine. It is postulated to be an important nutrient of the Mediterranean Diet as well as a crucial factor in the French Paradox, which are both the subject of intensive scientific research in the field of wellbeing and longevity.

In human tests, the level of resveratrol in the blood after eating10 g of ReChoc was comparable to that after drinking of 2 glasses of high resveratrol red wine (e.g. Pinot Noir).

Why dark Chocolate?

Epicatechins are polyphenols commonly related to the benefits of cocoa consumption. Unfortunately, these are significantly reduced in regular chocolate, due to the deactivation of polyphenols during the standard production process, performed with high temperature and pH.

ReChoc production processes and PolyFountâ„¢ fortification technology ensure that all beneficiary polyphenols are preserved and bioavailable for systemic circulation after eating just a single 10 g bar! Cocoa polyphenols are considered crucial in the Sirtfood diet.

Why ReChoc?

Developed by Cambridge scientists, formulated and produced with the use of proprietary, patent pending technology, ReChoc has been tested in human studies.

Polyphenols are crucial ingredients of foods known for their nutritional benefits, particularly fruit and vegetables. ReChoc is recommended as a daily source of polyphenols in a convenient, delicious and effective format.